Working with  scientists from a number of different backgrounds, working on a number of different projects gives a great opportunity for practising presentations or volunteering to give a talk.  So far we have had:



Dr Joshka Kaufmann – “Daddy issues – sperm-mediated paternal effects of parasitism.”


Dr Karl Philips – “Molecular insights into marine turtle life hsitories.”


Sean Kelly – “Lough Furnace – A natural laboratory for the study of fluid dynamics.”


Michele de Noia – “Population genetics of the soft shell clam, Mya arenaria, along the European latitudinal gradient.”


Dr Catherine Waters – ‘A tail of two halves – Red squirrel conservation in Ireland.’


Bursars 2017 – Several of this years Bursary students gave a short talk on posters they had compiled for the Marine Institute on the work they had undertaken whilst here in Newport.








Professor Paul Giller visiting from UCC – ‘Ecosystem connectivity – the four dimensions of streams and rivers.’


Dr Joshka Kaufmann – ‘The effect of phenotypic variation on adaptation to unpredictable environments in the common lizard.’


Dr Jessica Garzke – ‘How environmental changes influence copepod quality and abundance – implications on food quality for fish.’


Professor Fred Allendorf – “Conservation and the Genetics of Populations.”



Dr Karl Philips – ‘Host pathogen arms race,’ on host pathogen co-evolution.

Dr Roxanne Duncan – ‘Population structure and management of Albacore Tuna in the North Atlantic.’

Dr Carlos Garcia de Leaniz – ‘The male handicap in Brown Trout.’

Conor Conway – ‘Unlocking the archive,’ data collection in scales and otholiths

Dr Jason Stockwell – ‘Partial migration in the macroinvertebrate omnivore Mysis diluviana.’

Dr Jon Houghton – ‘Leatherback turtles, jellyfish and sunfish in the North Atlantic


Elizabeth Tray – Demonstration of the unlocking the archive database

Elvira deEyto – ‘Long-term ecological research (LTER) in Burrishoole #burrishoolelter.’