Martin Llewellyn
Principal Investigator
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Professor Neil Metcalfe
I am a behavioural and physiological ecologist who has worked mainly on fishes, with a focus on Atlantic salmon and brown trout. I’ve been interested in linking individual variation in behavioural and physiological traits to life histories. Most recently this has concentrated on examining how variation in metabolic rate arises, how stable it is within individuals, and what are the costs and benefits of a high or low standard metabolic rate under different ecological conditions
Chloe Heys
Postdoctoral Researcher

My research profile is centred around understanding the effects of host-microbiome interactions on the behaviour, ecology and evolution of different organisms. During my PhD (University of Liverpool 2014-2018), I examined the relationship between gut microbiota and host behaviour in various species of Drosophila, with highly varied ecologies and mating systems. My current work focusses on elucidating the role of the microbiome of both farmed and wild populations of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, on various aspects of host performance; including metabolism, physiology, health and behaviour. I am using a combined approach of microbiological and molecular techniques with behavioural assays and biochemical analysis, in order to understand these links in greater detail.

Michele De Noia
PhD (Horizon 2020)
The focus of my PhD will be the difference in microbiome and host-parasite interaction between the two different yellow eels ecomorph: broad and narrow head.
Patrick Schaal
My PhD will explore the microbial ecology and energetics of wild and domesticated Atlantic Salmon
Raminta Kazlauskaite
My project is entitled; SalmoSim - Exploring the microbial basis of Atlantic Salmon energetics via a synthetic intestinal system.
Eleanor Lindsay
My PhD focuses on the gut microbiota of Atlantic salmon and its link with host metabolism, physiology and behaviour via microbiological methods.
Alessandro Busetti