Philip McGinnity
Principal Investigator

Jamie Coughlan
Senior Postdoctoral Researcher
I have been working on the molecular genetics and ecology of a range of species (mostly marine or anadromous) for over 20 years and was, previous to this position, a Senior Researcher for the Beaufort Marine Research Award in Fish Population Genetics (2009-2016). My main areas of interest involve aspects of Atlantic salmon population genetics, using a wide range of different molecular techniques and data analysis methods, with special reference to population differentiation, pedigree analysis and discrimination (Genetic Stock Identification) in mixed fisheries or stocked (rehabilitation or experimental) areas.
Joshka Kaufmann
Postdoctoral Researcher
I am an experimental behavioural and molecular ecologist with a general curiosity in all fields of ecology and evolution. During my Ph.D. at the MPI for Evolutionary Biology in Ploen, my work focused on studying the role of parasites selection in speciation, sexual and natural selection in sticklebacks. During my time as postdoctoral researcher at the DEE (UNIL, Lausanne), I investigated how phenotypic and environmental variance interact to impact plasticity and selection in the common lizard.
Karl Philips
Postdoctoral Researcher
I am a molecular ecologist with research interests spanning mating systems, population genetics and host-parasite interactions. Prior to joining FishEyE, I had predominantly worked on sea turtles (PhD, University of East Anglia; Prof. David S. Richardson; 2009-2013) and guppies (postdoc, Adam Mickewicz University in Poznan; Prof. Jacek Radwan; 2014-2017), with some small forays into birds.

Floriane Leseur
PhD (BEYOND 2020)
My project will be examining the genetic architecture of ecological divergence in three-spined sticklebacks in the Burrishoole system.
Sarah Ryan
My PhD will be based on the Ecological and evolutionary consequences of escaped farmed Atlantic Salmon in northwest Ireland.
Ronan Grealis
Research Assistant
I have two degrees: a B.Sc in Agriculture and Environmental Management and a B.Sc in Rural Enterprise and Environmental Management.
Catherine Waters
Research Assistant
I have a B.Sc (Hons) in Zoology and a PhD in Mammal Ecology entitled; 'Post-release monitoring of two translocated red squirrels Sciurus vulgaris Populations.'

Peter Deegan
Fintan Egan
Elizabeth Ryder