Tom Reed
Principal Investigator

Peter Moran
Postdoctoral Researcher

As an evolutionary biologist I am broadly interested in the behavioural and genetic changes leading to species divergence and reproductive isolation. Currently I am investigating the genomic basis of facultative anadromy in brown trout (Salmo trutta) to better understand how alternative life histories arise and persist in populations. I am particularly interested in applying genomic methods to disentangle the effects of demography and selection to identify adaptive loci.

Joe Colgan
Postdoctoral Researcher

I am an evolutionary biologist interested in the genomic architecture and molecular mechanisms underlying phenotypic plasticity and sexual dimorphism. To explore these aspects, I use a range of molecular, genomic and computational techniques

Louise Archer
PhD Student

My Project Title is 'The effects of proximate factors on alternative migratory tactics in brown trout.'

Robert Wynne
PhD Student

My Project Title is 'Genetic basis of alternative migratory tactics in brown trout.'

Ronan O'Sullivan
PhD Student
My Project Title is, 'Adaptive capacity and resilience of hybridised populations in a changing world: interactions between wild and domesticated Atlantic salmon.'

Steve Hutton
Research Assistant
I have a BSc (Hons) in Rural Resource Management, an MSc in Ecology, and a PhD in Invertebrate Ecology entitled; ‘The ecology of north temperate dung beetle communities.'
Luke Harman
Senior Technical Officer
I have a Bachelor of Technology (Honours) Degree in Aquaculture and an MSc in Mariculture Science and Technology. I have worked and been involved in Aquaculture and Marine Biology research for many years. I am a senior technical officer in the School of BEES (UCC) where part of my work is dedicated to research and research support.

Adam Kane